Friday, August 27, 2010

my friend and a dream into reality

I finally get the moment to say a little something on this beautiful blog!  The coffee brewing as I type makes me miss Andrea so much because we have shared many moments over warm cups of coffee.  We've dreamed, discussed, laughed, and cried together many times.  And I can't wait for Andrea to come home so we can brew a big pot of coffee together and swap stories of what has happened in the past few weeks here on the homefront, and thousands of miles away in the hearts of so many in Uganda.

The trip to Africa is coming to an end.  Camps are finished.  Dresses are in the hands of the girls.  Over the past few days I have thought over and over to myself, "what a cool thing to see dream turn into reality."  It really has been.  I remember Andrea sharing her vision months ago for The Pillowcase Project.  I remember the excitement that came with it, and how it slowly launched from just a dream into something quite tangible.  Word started to spread in small pockets of the country and people started to pull out their sewing machines to join us in making simple dresses for a precious girls they would never meet in a place so far away.

I remember conversations that were doubtful of what was happening.  Loving others and taking leaps of faith are not easy!!  But what a journey it has been to get to this point!  The Pillowcase Project is the real deal!  And I know I have been honored to walk next to Andrea through the preparation and in prayer as this has unfolded over this past year.  Andrea, your faithfulness to God is big, and I know He is proud of you for being His hands and feet.  I am proud of you and your sacrifice and willingness to follow this God-given dream, even when there was lots of organization, and phone calls, and moments of wanting to give up.  I am honored to call you my friend! trip to Africa, I'm coming with! :)

-Rhoda Hahn

PS...I know Kristen posted this picture below in the previous post, but it's worth posting again because this was the dress that my husband and I sponsored before it left for Africa.  We prayed blessings over this dress and it brought tears to my eyes to see the girl that gets to wear it!  (Oh and this girl is holding the note we wrote to her and pinned to her dress!)


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