Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just One Second While I Catch My Breath

Did that just happen?

In a way, that's how I feel. After whirlwind two weeks spent in Uganda, I'm Stateside again, feeling like I need to find my sea legs. It's almost impossible to put it all into words.

For example, how do I even begin to tell you about Mark (with me in the photo above). How do I express his sweet joy, in spite of recently losing both parents.

His frail body that squeezed mine so tight, I thought I might crumble.

There aren't words for their pain. Definitely no words for their cup overflowing joy.

I asked one girl what makes her afraid and her response was, "I don't fear. I have Jesus." They say stuff like that, and my faith feels small. It feels weak.

So I will process, meditate, rest and return with more.

In the meantime, the fall is filling up with some really exciting and fun news. I can't wait to post the updates here! Stay tuned.

p.s. a great, huge hug and jump while kicking my heels to my amazing girlfriends who blogged while I was gone. I mean, how stinking amazing are they?!

p.s.s. my forehead looks massive in that photo!! dear lord. five fingers, easily.

my heart is full.

happy end-of-summer fun!

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  1. So blessed and loving all your moments Andrea. What a different life we Americans live in!