Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faith Hope and Pretty Dresses

Andrea sent me a text on Tuesday.
"Things are beautiful as I hoped.  We will start fitting dresses in about 20 minutes.  And the girls have no idea!  What joy.  Also, your sponsored dress is at the top of the pile.  I couldn't stop crying when I saw your handwriting.  Thank you for all your support."

I feel like Andrea is living in a different time period.   Maybe she's back in the 1960's when Elizabeth Elliot was going back into the Auca village to witness to their tribe in Ecuador.  I understand that there is that danger factor missing in Andrea's journey.  But there are pretty dresses to share!  Dresses that have messages of the gospel hanging from them.  It's quite like the way that Elizabeth went into the Auca village with determination, a calling from the Lord, and blind faith.  Elizabeth went to share the gospel and to share hope, starting with two women from the Auca village.  These two women were the link to the rest of the village who soon came to accept Christ.  Women have a strong role of influence in a culture.  Wouldn't you agree?  God again is using women!  First, there is Andrea, he is using, as the vessel to bring hope, then all of the women and girls who are receiving these dresses of hope will in turn be a testimony to others, other men and boys and women and families.  Because everyone knows, we women love to talk! The message is most definitely going to spread!

And I just have to say, to me, Andrea's words sound a lot like Paul.  We should record what she says and maybe after Jesus comes back, God will want to use her beautiful words in a new chapter.  It's great to dream! :)

So to get to the point of this blog: to tell you what's going on today in Africa.  The team is still at camp with all the little kiddos.  Yesterday was the day they gave away the dresses.  And today is yet another fun day of spending time with all the campers.  I have great visions in my mind of the CT team loving on the kids, praying over them, and the Lord watching over them all.

Andrea has most definitely gone outside of her box, and reached places that has made her uncomfortable.  It's just a little uncommon to see around these parts!  And that's the main reason that I think she is living in another time!  Don't forget us Andrea!  Travel back to the 2010s!!!!  We will miss you if you stay! :)

Lord, with each dress that was given, I pray that you would multiply it's message ten fold.  I pray that the message of hope and the gospel will travel along with each dress and I ask that each girl who holds that dress in her hands would not be able to forget or to stop talking about it!  I pray that Christ would be evident through all of this and He would be the One who is glorified through this act of giving.  Let His name be known to each recipient!  We love you Lord and thank you for this village in Africa!

And all his people say, "Amen!!!"

-Kristen Critz


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