Monday, August 23, 2010


…Beautiful are the feet that bring good news- Isaiah 52:7…
….Beautiful are the dresses that were lovingly sewn by women and children from all over the states…
…Beautiful are the prayers being sent across the globe…..

Today is a very special day!!! It is the day that the boys and girls at camp will receive their new outfits- made with love by so many people from all around the world. The little girls will each be given a pillowcase dress…with a note attached to it saying something like this:

“You. Are. Beautiful. You have been given this dress because your heavenly Father loves you and wants you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a princess, because you are the daughter of King Jesus. When you wear this dress, remember that you are loved and precious in His sight. You are so worthy of His love, and He has a beautiful plan for your life. So feel beautiful, dear child of God, because you truly are just that.”

Tattered dresses will be traded in for embellished ones. Dirty ripped t-shirts will be exchanged for fresh, clean t-shirts…providing a physical representation of how the tattered and broken hearts of these children will be replaced with the inexpressible joy and hope of Jesus. That’s powerful people!

I can only envision that the following will be happening tomorrow: pride and joy will flood the faces of children who will FEEL the tangible care and love of God. Twirling will be taking place….jumping and singing will break forth. Praise to God for His provision and love will be heard tomorrow in that small corner of Uganda. I can’t help but imagine that something beautiful will be taking place…as the once-idea of The Pillowcase Project will come to life and celebration will be in order.

So to wrap this up, camp has now begun. Truth is being spoken into these children’s lives. Redemption, Salvation, and the Hope of Christ will be poured over these children. Let us join together and pray that nothing would get in the way of this mission…nothing would be able to steal or taint what God has in store for every single one of these kids this week. Andrea also asked for prayer " that her and the team might have extra energy for distributing the dresses, and also for al of them to be vessels of love and grace to the children." It’s going to be a rockin’ week. I just have a feeling!!!

Thanks for letting me update for Andrea on the most-amazing-blog-EVER!
Have a great day,
Katy Ward

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  1. This is awesome.. Prayers are being said in Georgia today for our friend.. Love you Andrea!!! ~Kristi S.