Saturday, August 21, 2010

a quick update.

you just get into the swing of things. that's life. it doesn't matter if you're in the United States or Uganda, life has a rhythm and you can fight it, or jump in.

the flow of sleep. to waking.

of planning to follow-through.

greet strangers and give love.

enjoy meals and laugh.

take moments of solitude, look at the world as God reveals himself in Creation, breathe.

waking to sleep.

see, it's not that much different. at least in those vague terms it's not.

in less-than-vague terms...
  • i'm pretty sure i smell. like.. stank. it's a mix of sweat + OFF bug repellent + kampala city smog. it's not a pheromone, that much i know. if it is, it's designed just for mosquitos. the ones that snack on me after i shower or during the night, even under the net. but you know what's great? no one really cares. like, really. it's just not a big deal. (can you just agree with me on this and say really it's not a big deal? yes, andrea. no one cares. can you? just this one time? thanks.)
  • once again, i'm refreshed and surprised at the love and hope in the Ugandan people. they love their God. they worship without shame. their need is not an obstacle to celebration. there is great need, but there is also hope. and joy beyond circumstances. that's more than i can say for myself on many occasions.
  • the bush of Africa is a whole other experience from just the main cities in Africa. did you hear me? whole. other. experience. good lord, i've got notes for "next time you're in the bush..."

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  1. Andrea, I love this blog.. I check it every day as you inspire me and give me hope. I love that you used the word "stank". I must admit that I chuckled when I saw it because I haven't seen it used in a while.. I give you much credit because I have been wanting to go on the mission field for quite some time now.. I have expressed to you all the reasons I can't however God looks at those small reasons as why I can. I pray you receive many blessings on this trip and fresh revelation. You are there because that is where God has you right now and He doesn't care if you stank or not.. Your not there to be reminded of good hygiene.. Love you girl.. Kristi S.