Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

It was was the sort of weekend that went by slowly and quickly, all at once. When it felt long but not long enough. One of those weekends. Songs on the guitar. Music spilling from our heads and hearts. Boys and their video games. Lessons to a little girl of how to not interrupt boys during their video games.

(Ladies, take note. Give the guys a little breathing room, ya? Take up knitting. Read a book. Chill out.)

And we listened to music. Some really good music. Some not so good music. Music that makes one friend say, "You know how people say John Mayer should stop talking and just play his music? Well it's the opposite for this guy." (Not the one pictured.)

And then it snowed. Big, huge flakes. Heavy to the earth.
Weekends are for night walks in the snow, spontaneous snowmen, desserts.

Finding ways to stop, change things up, rest, say no, say yes.
This is part of living.

I don't keep record of things to boast in them. I don't keep record to be sentimental.
I keep record to count. Because God is good in giving us eyes to see beauty. In giving us a crave for rest. In giving us smiles to strengthen, songs to sing, ears to hear.

In a world that is cursed, He still gives us the ability to enjoy. That, my friends, is grace.


  1. "Stop talking and just play the music..." No, I haven't heard people say that about John M, but I totally agree!

  2. Haha, it's the truth. I get that "this is awkward, please make it stop" feeling whenever he starts talking during his live DVD.

  3. I can so relate in just letting the boys play their games and we take up knitting or reading. I wouldn't get any reading done if it was for the games. :)