Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunday.

I wish to write.

But writing means digging. Digging means quiet. Quiet means time.
All of those things are just beyond my fingertips.

So I give you a slow Sunday afternoon. A mulled cider candle is flickering, another end-of-the-world disaster movie is playing (my latest timekiller), my current read is bookmarked and waiting... this is just that sort of Sunday afternoon. I'm still chewing on an amazing message at church this morning. The kind that has me looking at 1 John 4:10 again and again and again. Isn't this the greatest love story every told?

M just stirred from her nap and has now snuggled her toes underneath my legs. I have to remind myself to not feel guilty for such moments of leisure. Somewhere along the road, I listened to the "if you're resting, you're lazy" mantra. Never more does my belief in that lie surface more than when I'm actually resting.

Anyway, that was a random rabbit trail.

So today, we're resting. Watching movies. Reading books. Tucking our toes under blankets. Not feeling guilty. Here's some Sunday tidbits.

1. On my wishlist. Not Another Bill. 2. With a birthday coming up this week, it means I'm almost at the end of a decade. 3. Super depressing song. Really catchy tune. Band of Horses' Detlef Shrempf. But seriously, don't listen if you don't want to be sad. 4. Books I want to get for Madeleine. 5. Another wishlist. Kinfolk subscription. 6. Morning, noon and night. And with whole beans to grind and friends to share it with, who could turn it down?

Happy Sunday-ing friends. The weekend is wrapping up. Squeeze it all for what it's worth.


  1. Love it all. Reading this as g naps on me, toes under my leg :) and band of horses are simply amazing

  2. Lane - isn't it the best when the kids cozy at our sides? i love it :)

  3. first, i love your writing style. it makes me want to be still - to listen, even for a little bit. thanks for reminding me of that. and these pretty picks? perfection! :)

  4. @ilene - i love hearing that the writing made you want to be still, even for a little bit. a little bit of still is good for the soul. :) thanks for stopping by friend! :)