Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chasing the Weekend

Tiny adventures.

That's what I have to tell myself.
  • When the bills seem to stack up, tilting even with their looming weight. 
  • When my two-year-old begins to exercise her self will, challenging even the most simple directions of "Pick up your blocks."
  • Expired paperwork. 
  • Making appointments. 
  • Sorting through receipts. 
  • Tough phone calls. 
  • Embarrassing letters. 
As much as I dread these dark clouds, I have to tell myself they're mini adventures. Tiny exertions for my weak little spirit. More opportunities for Grace. More chances to be wowed by my Father. Things that make me realize how much I really can't do this on my own.

And I'm not talking about a man. I'm talking about that Spirit who is the one to speak, lead, correct, convict and bring comfort.

So we are experiencing lots of tiny adventures in this home. Here's to strapping on our gear and braving the strong winds. What a joy to be active participants in our own lives. 

(Gratitude notes from this past week)

— this morning my daughter woke up smiling. She stumbled into me in the hallway and giggled. I love that. {157}
— she didn't nap yesterday, but she did fall asleep at the dinner table. That made me laugh. I like laughing. {158}
— sometimes it's not so fun. That's when I'm thankful for quiet meetings at lovely breakfast nooks where people I've never met before say "I'm covering the bill." Yes please! {159}
— my cousin flew out of town for a week. We had lunch on Sunday and she dropped this wonderful question: "Do you want all my groceries? We just won't eat them." Flash forward an hour and I have a full bag of produce and other foods. Joy. Quite the provision, right? {160}  
— Some dreams that look more like possibility than just hopes. I like hoping. But I also like the resolution of hope — change. {161}   
— Caldrea hand soap and lotion on sale at Target. Wonderful! {162} 
— Coupons from Larabar just because I wrote them to say, "Yum!" {163} 

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  1. Love Maddie's face in the above picture :) Your place is very cute! I love the internet for keeping us in touch. Keep writing! I love visiting! xo