Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Old Mountains and To-do Lists.

Hello Sunday morning, you wild rascal you.

Usually I'm prepping for a day of singing and worship, but today I'm enjoying Sunday's leisure under an overcast sky. Old mountains rise, sending their breeze down to me, circling through windows and around porch chairs. Blueberry muffins in the oven, and familiar routine seems to be catching a flight on the wind, running away from me.


It's the last day before I leave the country. I'm entitled to these simple indulgences, right?  (Almost... last-minute runs to the store to pick-up last-minute items even though this trip is not even remotely last-minute.)

I'm headed to Africa tomorrow, and while I'm out my sweet, beautiful, precious girlfriends might be/will be/if they have time could be.. posting here on this blog!

How fun is that? 

Since At&t broke the news to me that text messaging will be my only affordable way of communicating, I gave up the idea of blogging while in country. I'll write some to post when I'm home, but while I'm out, my Texas sisters will step in with some beauty, wit and charm.

Now, I'm headed back to the cool breeze and blueberry muffins... and to this little delight who will not be by my side for this adventure.


To say I'm excited would be... premature. (Insert annoyed sigh --> here <--)

Because I'm still anxious. Nervous. A tad worked up. My brother promises me that somewhere over the Atlantic, I'll find my peace and sanity and find that perspective will finally come. I guess, until then, I'm going to wring my hands slightly and my heart will race just a little too fast.

While I try and relax. Try to not worry. Try to not fret.

Until the Atlantic rolls under me....

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  1. Feeling an urgency to pray for you ... maybe because I am a procrastinator and haven't been praying as much as I should have ... Like cramming for a test the night before. But my heart is heavy that you'll be gone from us ... even for this short time ... and I'll be so glad when you're back. As if "safety" exists only in the States. Ha. I know better. And I know you're His. So I'm excited for you. Praying your eyes would see things they've never seen before and your heart would hear things it's never heard before. Love you, friend.