Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1 Off to London

As I sit here writing in Microsoft Word to be sure of no grammatical errors, I do not even try to attempt at being as creative or eloquent with my words as Ms. Andrea is. But nonetheless, I will attempt at keeping your attention, which will not be hard to do as soon as I start talking about Andrea’s trek to Africa and stop talking about myself. :)

As of right now, Andrea is mid-flight to London. This evening she boarded her plane at 9pm all packed and ready to go after her long road trip adventure to New York. I know when she wakes up, in London, tomorrow at 11am, she is going to buy me something really fancy! Maybe some chocolate truffles, or a British flag t-shirt. Whatever it is, it will definitely be the first thing on her mind, considering I am the first one to post on her blog, which means that I must be her favorite friend! ;)

All jokes aside, I am thrilled at the thought of her return and all the stories that she will bring to us. But for now, I am going to cover her in prayer because I can not be there with her, but the one who goes before us can.

“God I ask for your peace and presence to be with Andrea as she makes her way inward toward Your will. You are the one who goes before us and stands beside us so I ask just that for her. Go before her to make her pathway safe. Stand beside her as her supplier of confidence. Make yourself known through her and to all that Andrea witnesses to. In each day wherever she travels to, whether she turns to the right or the left, I pray that she would hear Your voice saying ‘This is the way, walk in it.’. May Your voice be made known to her. Thank you Lord for her obedience in You that has affected not only herself but also so many lives in another nation. I pray that this kind of obedience would spread in believers in Uganda and the United States. I pray that we as believers will be convicted beyond a shadow of doubt to live proactively working for Your kingdom. And above all I pray, Jesus, that You would be glorified through the Pillowcase Project and through Andrea’s life. We love you Lord and I ask all this in your son, Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen”.

Join me and the rest of our friends as we pray for Andrea, The Pillowcase Project, and the team that is ministering in Africa over the next two weeks. There are 5 of us friends who are going to keep you updated on what the day will be looking like for them and what we can be praying for. It excites me in knowing that although we cannot see each other, we are united as one body in Christ through this act of prayer.

-Kristen Critz


  1. Amen Sister.. ~Kristi S.

  2. oh foggy London town, I hope she does bring you something fancy! :)