Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes life should be carefree, even if it isn't actually care free. There's always things to care about. Maybe we should just refocusing our caring sometimes.

Like raindancing.


Cherishing generations. (Me with my sister when I was my daughter's age.)


Carrying on family traditions, reading chord charts and prepping myself for Africa.



Illegal photos in a theater. (We didn't know, I swear.)


We enjoy things that don't last, knowing full well that the stuff that lasts bleeds into the temporal. At least it should. So we enjoy homemade bread and coffee, because it fuels our community. We eat cake at midnight, because we're talking about dreams and the future. We shed tears because we know that sometimes we mourn together. Then we high-five about air conditioning, because we celebrate the basic luxuries.

Carefree in a full of cares world. Because we can.

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  1. I told you I love this pst. I still do. "Refocusing our caring." Yes.