Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 5 & 6

We shared chocolate and Christmas memories.

My dad, who isn't one to reminisce outloud, shared some of his own stories of Christmas at Aunt Helen's, and memories of the holidays when I was still little. Mom told us about the year she saw a Betsy Wetsy doll on the tree and figured it was hers since that was what she had asked for. She went on to "take care" of the doll and wash it's hair before anyone woke up for the day.

Turns out it was for her sister.

Jer told us the story of his first guitar. The surprise. The buildup. The excitement.

I remembered the year of the purple toothpick, the magic of Christmas morning and how I had an obliging older brother who never yelled at me when I woke him up before dawn.

What good or funny Christmas memory can you recall?


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