Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take a moment please...

in light of my crazy, late preparations for uganda, i'm sharing a few bits of things that have uplifted me lately. if you have time to sneak away and soak some truth, inspiration, love and gratitude in... then enjoy these with your favorite hot (or cold!) beverage...

My little bird sister, you owe much to God your Creator,
and you must always and everywhere
praise him...

and you are also indebted to Him for the realm of the air
which He assigned you.
Moreover, you neither sow nor reap, yet God nourishes you,
and He gives you the rivers and springs to drink from....

Therefore my little bird sisters, be careful not to be ungrateful,
but strive to always praise God."
~ St. Francis of Assisi

Here, Ann Voskamp talks about finding gratitude, finding joy and admitting that we truly have and are nothing without our loving, passionate, filled with furious longing for us God. Spend a few moments and soak in some honesty and beauty through her eyes>>> And turn your volume up, because the music adds to the moments!

My own mom has started telling her story of finding beauty in life, even when you don't expect to find it! She has been married to my father for nearly 40 years. They've had their ups and downs, but I admire her for her spirit and the beauty she weaves out of her own struggles and revelations. Through my mom's eyes...

I have a dear friend who has the privilege of capturing new life as it shines its light on two expectant parents. She is able to find the moments... love it. I always am reminded of the simple and NOT so simple moments of new life, of expectation, of fighting for the good things, sticking through the pain when you're not sure you're going to make it, then discovering such joy on the other side. Keri freezes these moments in time.

The next time you hear from me may not be until after I return from Africa; the red-earth, lush earth of Uganda. Sometimes I feel like part of my heart is already in Africa. I may just be surprised to find a piece of it waiting for me there.


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