Sunday, August 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook - August 16, 2009

I like focusing on the simple things. Sometimes the big things feel so big, that the small, basic things remind me of life's beauty. Today I'm writing in my "daybook". The Simple Woman's Daybook is for those of us who like to find beauty and joy in the little things. Join me, if you'd like.

Outside my window... the sun is shining hot and kids are splashing in the apartment complex pool.

I am thinking... about what to make for dinner.

I am thankful for... a really lazy sunday, which included sleeping in to 10 a.m., 3 cups of coffee so far, folded laundry, happy baby, and tv shows about UFOs.

From the kitchen... some resurgence of breadmaking, autumn recipe planning, freezer stocking and so on.

I am wearing... my favorite jeans and a black tank top. comfort.

I am creating... ideas. in my head. i haven't put my hands to creative work in awhile, but my mind is certainly active.

I am going... to Uganda in 4 days.

I am reading... Girls in Trucks. Just picked it up at the library. No idea if it will be any good.

I am hoping... to find God in Africa. I know He's here, but I'm having a difficult time getting around my own "stuff" to get close to Him. I'm also hoping that the near future holds some good conversation with friends and more coffee. (I'm not an addict..)

I am hearing... some kind of ethereal flute and pad sounds from the "relax" station i have playing.

Around the house... are signs of a little girl. Cheerios, blankets, snot rags, toys, skirts, dresses, dolls. This stuff seems to accumulate.

One of my favorite things... the endless possibility of redemption. What a word... to be redeemed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Pack for Uganda, pick up my mom from the airport, finish up my tasks at work, and make some time to snuggle with maddie and rest on the pillows.


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  1. #1Gorgeous picture
    #2So incredibly proud of you
    #3Praying for you and your time in Uganda and will be the entire time you are there
    #4Giving praise to the Lord already for what He is doing and going to do in and through you