Friday, August 14, 2009

hello mothership

as the sour milk and peas gurgled up from her stomach for the third time, i couldn't help but gag wince run shake my head. i stared at her and her shirtless father, who was still recovering from round 2. he held her gently over the sink, bewildered that such a small little person could hold so much... stuff. the hand-off came to me, like a slippery watermelon, i slid her little body under the warm shower spray.

indeed, parenting "eureka" moments come at different, unexpected times. this was a eureka moment.

"sick!" i yelled from the bathroom. my husband (whole other blog coming soon) had just finished scalding his hands and the sink, and was quickly slipping out the balcony door to get a breath of fresh air.

i have these "whoa, i'm a parent" moments every now and then. lately, they're more frequent. more in-your-face.

like showing up to work with a Cheerio stuck on my chin.
finding a binky in my pocket.
a small pink butterfly toy in the bottom of my purse.
using wipes as napkins in my car.
adjusting my social life around the bedtime routine of a 10-month-old.

i realize for some of you this may be like, "Yeah girl. Join the club". i guess i'm just saying my "membership" in the mom club sometimes provides unexpected evenings of relaxing movies dates library visits swimming in the pool cleaning up puke.

had any of these moments lately?

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