Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes It's Good to Start Over

Like pushing reset, I've emptied out the house that we once had dreams in. Short-lived, but they were still dreams.

I've clung to my pillow in silent desperation, wondering if I have any kind of willpower to start again the next day. Mascara stains seem permanent on the bamboo sheets. The silent nights remind me how regardless of who is in my life, this journey really is mine alone. This life is my story, so I might as well be a part of a good, intriguing story.

I gathered everything that I knew I couldn't carry with me.. memories, reminders, things that signified promises and words that don't hold meaning anymore. They are now labeled with bright green stickers, calling for the next worthy bargain garage sale-r. They almost beg, "Who will find me worthy now?" I nod, knowing the wonder, feeling like a bright green .25 cent sticker has just been abruptly slapped on my back. I can't help but wonder, "will anyone find me worthy?"


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