Tuesday, June 23, 2009

living again

we piled boxes in corners and stacked chairs on chairs. when the crowd of friends left, i stood amidst piles of life... life forgotten, life now and the life that isn't anymore.

i whispered "hello" to the empty walls, the empty rooms, the quiet hum of the fridge.

just like i whispered "goodbye" when i stood in the doorway of the house that now holds nothing. it's all gone, i thought as i looked at the shiny, like-new floors, the barren bookshelves that held all my treasures, and the piano that sang through the halls. i whispered goodbye to the shadow that lingered by the kitchen, the form and shape of things i used to hold dear that has now slipped away for good.

my new room. my new home. a pure reflection on my heart.


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