Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lists and Belonging

I'm taking a one-day hiatus from the lists and posting over at Allume today. Won't you join me?

She always asks me, “You and me forever, right mom?” I assure her that yes, indeed, it’s me and her, forever.
We all want to belong to someone, don’t we?
It’s easy as a single parent to sometimes feel like I belong to no one. My daughter, she’s at home in my heart. But me? I feel the loneliness creep in with a heavy silence, long after the child’s play and songs have gone quiet into the night.
Confession: I snuck out of church a few weeks ago. I stepped off stage from leading worship, and when all greetings stopped, all backs were turned and all eyes were looking forward, I took my exit to the door and found a brick wall on which to sit. Sometimes I can’t handle all the couples coupling up. All the seats taken. All the places I feel unwanted or don’t belong. Sometimes it all feels a lot worse than it actually is, and when it does, I need to get fresh air and clear my head.
And it was that kind of morning


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