Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List #5 — The Real Deal

There are hundreds of talented people I meet within the circles I know. So many people writing. So many people creating, contributing, photographing, etc. And I admire so many of them.

Yet, a very small handful of them are people I can say, "Oh her? Yes. I've sat face to face with her. She has a piece of my heart. She's real. She is who she says she is online."

So here's a short list of a few women I've shared heart moments with. Conversations that extend beyond twitter, Facebook, or the screentime. Moments and friendships that I cherish and give thanks for.

Four Pretty Awesome Blogging Women in the Blogosphere I Can Actually Say I Know in Real Life —

:: Jessica Heights — You know that friend who makes you feel like you've known her for years, even though you've only been talking for five minutes? Jessica is that girl. She's contagiously full of energy, yet honestly authentic and real. Her words drip of love for her husband and children, and she makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I like her. It's one of the first things I thought about her. We ran into eachother at the start of Allume, and amidst the chaos of fixing programs, finding missing things, moving things around, she was a real, tangible friend at my fingertips. We stole some time during the conference to sit and share coffee and stories, laughter that made me cover my mouth, meals, and for me, I felt like I had a sister at my side in her. I like meeting other women who aren't putting on airs or trying to impress anyone — but are so beautifully authentic and passionate about where God has placed them, that they don't even realize how God shines through them. So I have no qualms with telling you she's real and you should check out her newly released book and blog or just say hi.

:: Lore Ferguson — I've known Lore for a long time. And by long time, I mean... teenagers, really. (Right Lo? Weren't we still trying to figure out life and what it means to look like an almost-grown-up when we first rubbed shoulders and started this whole journey together?) We talked about dreams, boys, the unknown future, and eventually became roommates. We shared a roof and shared our hearts, shared the road and bunk beds, piano benches and van benches, travel schedules and heartaches. We went our separate ways for awhile until a random series of phone calls and chats and emails brought us back into eachother's company in Texas, on my couch, where we shared all over again. She writes about the real, true, good stuff. And I know, for a fact, she takes care with each word. Her heart is not fame or fortune, but an unshakeable passion to show the Gospel. And that is something I share again with her. Also, she knows what I'm trying to say when I don't know how to say it. That's a pretty remarkable trait to have in a friend.

:: Lindsey Carlson — The first time I met Lindsey, I'm fairly certain our exchange was only spoken in sarcasm. For this northerner, it may as well be a 6th love language. It's how I knew we'd hit it off. So we shared drinks, stories, and one night stayed up hours swapping stories and I basically was like, "Soooooo, what do I gotta do to make sure you and me are inseparable for the rest of this life?" Also? She, just like Lore, is (in my opinion) writing from the theological standpoint that I feel most kindred to, clearly, concisely, beautifully. She also loves her family. Her husband? The man. Her kids? Shining stars. I love her heart for life and Jesus. So much. And her? I guess I love her, kinda. <--- sarcasm, for you non-northerners.

:: Lindsay Bentley — I've known Lindsay for years, and for as long as I've known her, she's been one of my go-tos for sound advice. She's also a healthy living, clean-eating guru and her blog is basically a treasure trove for this amazing advice. Last winter she recommended a preventive supplement plan for winter sicknesses, and we didn't succumb to any illnesses ONCE. Not once, I tell you. So I give her all the credit. Also? Lindsay doesn't beat around the bush. She spoke some words to me once, on a drive home from a friends wedding, that cut straight to the deep of my heart. She didn't skirt any taboo issues. She didn't pretend to not know the ache of my heart at the time. But she used love and truth to go straight to the root. She probably doesn't even remember it. But I do. And that, my friends, is a good friend.

There's a much, much longer list of people I wish I could have coffee with, swap stories with, so time will have to allow for that. Or they'll be on the list of bloggers I sorta know in real life, but especially adore online. Yes, that list is coming. Because...y'all, I still have 25 days of lists! (Getting tired yet?)

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  1. Sweet friend...the feeling is SOOOOOOOOO mutual!!!!!!! You bless me so much!