Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturdays: At Home

A Thrifted Kid's Room

I'm a sucker for thrift stores. Anything used, really. Ask my friends and they'll tell you when we drive by a yard sale that's brimming with old furniture and boxes of untold whatnots, I'm scoping out the backseat for space.

And, truth be told, I got it from my Mama.

This weekend, her and my father surprised us with a visit. We tackled M's room with a vengeance. Hanging. Sorting. Repurposing what she already had. And, of course, thrifting. It's not that hard to make a kids room look like you shopped Anthropologie Kids. (Is there such a thing? If not, they should do it. Or hire us.)

This girl loves to "read".  So this 50-cent basket does the trick for all these library books we're borrowing lately. Plus, it helps me keep track when I'm doing the crazy "Where are all of the books that are due today?" rush.

I snagged that white crib at a garage sale for $5. It's filled with her stuffed friends and baby dolls. The kitchen was a Christmas gift. A space to pretend "home" has been a new found love for her. And she also invites all of her friends who are currently "in China" (so she tells me). The throw rug was a $3 thrift store find.

Once again, books. Books everywhere. Thrifted. Gifted. Handed down. She picked out her own .50-cent pillow shame. $2 quilted pillows. Handmade quilt from her Maama. And a library book that she flips through.

All sheets, dust ruffles, shams, pillows - thrifted. And as I said, she eyed that yellow-striped sham like it was the treasure of Atlantis.

$20 desk, old stool, .50-cent deer. And now she has a place for her things, to sit and brush her hair, and soon enough, to start some homeschool habits.

My mom knew I wanted it and splurged a little ($6 is splurging at a thrift store), for this vintage-y nursery rhyme print.

So room — done. Little girl — quite happy. When things have a place, and a room has a "look", it's a whole lot easier to know what fits, what can go, how to clean, and so on.

Also, I walked into her room this afternoon and suddenly felt like she's grown. This room belongs to a young girl. A place for reading late into the night, imagining a future, writing stories, creating whole worlds. I remember that world. And now it's happening for her...all right here.


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