Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer is made for Fridays

1. New prints in Etsy. Woop-de-doop! (Here's the link for that one.)
2. Surviving on lists these days. If I need something done, or if someone needs something from me, or if I owe you, or if we're scheduling something, it all ends up here. I absolutely CANNOT only do digital notetaking. It fails me. I need real paper.
3. Thinking about reverting to the bangs again (see photos from last summer). The inbetween stage is killing me. (The woes of curly hair, I suppose.)
4. Beach vacation in two weeks. Yes.
5. What we're surviving on lately. (The kid is obsessed.) Recipe forthcoming.

Have a great weekend. Go outside. Listen to music.
Stop obsessing about life. (That one is more for me, but it can be for you too.)


  1. I love all the scribbles and handwriting. Are you using a tablet?

    1. Emily — yes! It's a Wacom tablet. :)

  2. more thing I "need"