Monday, June 18, 2012

Mondays are for Triple Lattes and Crossing Things Off Lists.

1. With my daughter being gone for a week (off to the the countryside with Maama and Poppa), I have buckled down to work. I have felt so incredibly behind lately. You know that feeling, when you feel like every plate you spin is crashing to the floor? Well, that's been my life for the past month or so. Even to the point of actual glassware crashing on the floor. It's almost funny. Almost. I can't even tell you the relief this morning as I sit to work and can cross five things off my list immediately. AMAZING. So. Thanks Mom and Dad. This day is dedicated to you and that precious sweet you are currently entertaining while I make big bucks cash money a living.

2. Summer bangs. I did it. Done and done. Now comes the maintenance of trying to keep them semi-even every four days.

3. Friends who make pottery and then paint said pottery green and then give me said pottery are pretty darn cool. And one of those friends handed me this mug yesterday. I feel like it's the perfect example of an Irish girl — white outside, green inside. (I don't know if that makes sense. It made sense when I thought it, but not when I typed it. Oh well. No backspacing allowed here today.)

4. As I stated above, my daughter is gone for a few days while this Momma gets some life stuff done. I can't encourage you moms enough — being a Mom is in itself a full-time job. So to tackle another full-time job on top of the beautiful one we have in these kids... well, let's say we have to anticipate times of madness. Seasons where we feel like the ceiling might in fact be caving, the sky falling, the blankets not big enough, the floors are indeed made of lava and the phone doesn't stop ringing. I will not feel guilty about taking a week to focus on work and organizing life. And I won't feel guilty about going to see a late-night movie simply because I CAN. I won't feel guilty. I won't. (Can you tell I'm trying to pep talk myself about this week? Because I am).

5. Beards are a hot topic around here. (Yes, that could have a dual, and yay even triple, meaning). This group of friends is always sharing their yays or nays as to why the beard and/or 'stache and/or clean shaven look is best. This one image made me laugh (courtesy of, so I thought I'd pass it along.

And we're off to the races... Happy Monday!


  1. I love your writing. Come write for allume?

    1. How do I shout a dignified yes? *splashing my morning coffee while waving my hands* :)