Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From the Faucet

:: I saw this article today, and while at first it made me smirk, I also felt really sad. When will we stop judging each other on appearances? Guys, if a girl is looking at you to evaluate whether or not your six-pack will meet her needs, her priorities are off.

:: I also saw this headline today on a popular news website.

Last I checked, this is not news. Grow up America. Our daughters deserve better.

:: I just sipped from the third cup of coffee I've had today that's gone ice cold before I've had a chance to finish it. Also, it's cool enough to sleep in fleece at night. Last week, I was counting my pennies for an air conditioner. That's summer in the Northeast for you.

:: Listening to Helen Stellar's "This Time Around" puts me in a different place mentally and emotionally. I'm pretty sure that place is some stretch outside of Little Rock, Arkansas on the drive to Memphis. Yes, I'm fairly certain that is exactly where it drops me. I also just have a special love for the Elizabethtown soundtrack, and as of late, want it playing when I'm in a car riding through country towns and tunnels of trees.

:: Maddie told me today, "Mom, God has black skin and Jesus has white skin... and I have brown skin. Is it ok that they don't match?" Goodness I love her. I was thrilled that she was bringing up faith-related things again, as it's quite beautiful to watch this unfold in her. But then she added, "And Santa... well, is he real? And what color is he?" So, you know, that's how these things go. She also added, "And the clouds love me, right? I mean, they're always there and floating... but they don't let me drive." Trying to understand her logic is, well, impossible.

:: I also asked her what her favorite fruit is, and she thought, and thought and finally shouted "the fruity cereal!!" Am I failing as a parent? This may be an indication.

:: And then, I finished up yesterday with sketching, typography, quotes and things.
designed & created by the organic bird, (c) 2012
Happy Wednesday friends. Shine bright.


  1. I love everything on this list, especially your daughter's thoughts on God and Santa and clouds. Such an imaginative life she lives. I hope she keeps it! And don't worry about fruity cereal - someday she'll learn to love the real things. And I seriously love that sketch/quote/design. Beautiful stuff.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! She does have an imaginative life. It's quite fun. :)

  2. Your list is happiness. I love it. I'm wondering if I should tell my daughter that she's lovely more often? I tell her she's creative, kind, smart, and helpful, but because of the silly obsession with beauty in our society, I want her to know the most important things. Sounds like your daughter is a thoughtful child and lovely too. Keep up the good work.

    I'm remembering a vague bloggy discussion about a hymn, but now I can't even remember.

    Blessings . . .