Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How We Do

I am standing in the kitchen working. I suppose I could sit down,  but I know full well, as soon as I do, my daughter will need something. So I stand, and take a few breaths as I look at incoming e-mails.

There's a lot to tackle these days.

What do you do when you feel like you're spinning one too many plates?

I suppose it's the same question as "How do you eat an elephant"?


We work. Sleep.

Meet. Eat fruit.

Look at pretty things. Get inspired.

Take crazy notes. Go to the post office.

Plan a move down the hall. Get ready for more space.

Somedays, the toothpaste doesn't get wiped out of the bathroom sink. Some nights, I climb into bed to find puzzle pieces and balloons under the covers. It's not uncommon to pull out a child's sock from under the couch pillow, or to discover a half-eaten apple rolling under the kitchen table. Laundry sometimes stays in a pile and never makes to the drawers.

The goal of this home isn't to do things perfectly.
Just with love and kindness.
Not to get it all right.
But to give it all in the process.
Not to have answers and solutions, but to give our worries and fears to the One who knows such things.
Sometimes this means I'd rather stay on the couch talking, instead of washing the dishes. It means meeting up on a porch instead of hanging up dresses.
And sometimes it means scrubbing out the tub instead of watching a movie. Or cleaning out the fridge instead of surfing Facebook.

This is our home these days. The life of me. The business. The little girl. And today, I'm quite content.


  1. perfect! I might have to put your "house goals" up on my wall as a reminder.