Thursday, September 22, 2011

the good life.

(Today's blog song. Listen along if you'd like)

I am so thankful.
For what Texas gave me.
And even to be back here in New York.

It's that song above that made me cry,
on the long road from Texas to New York,
and also made me smile,
and say
"thank you" 
to the friend who made the cd
and to the open road.

This song makes me teary-eyed again this morning,
as I realize God's love,
is complete,
and surrounding,
and the kind that isn't always what I expect,
but always what I need.
Not ever what I deserve,
sometimes not in the way that I hope,
but always faithful. Always to the brim.

Recently, while spending a few days in tents and by campfires,
we pulled the car over,
and made our own trail

through briar
to the edge of a cornfield
to catch the sunset.

Life is beautiful, 
when you're willing to hunt for it. 
It's memorable
when you carve out a place to remember it.

That same night, we stood chilled under the giant sky,
full moon boasting white and blue,
stars slowly sliding toward the tree line.
We searched for the ones we knew best,
and marveled at the vastness.

It's stuff like this that makes me say,
"Of course
You brought me to a city
and placed me with friends
who pull the car over
and trek through woods.
People who stand
with eyes heavenward
under night skies
to look."

The thing is,
there is no corner on the market for good friendships.
For a good life.
For good memories.
It's all what you push through.
What you let go of.
What you hold on to.
It's all just perspective.

It's a lot like
pulling the car over
to walk through some briar
and tree branches
to see a sunset.

Like standing together in a field,
looking at heaven
until someone says,
"Let's go home."

In fact, it's not all that much different at all.


  1. you are a word spinstress...very beautiful from a beautiful heart. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks Derek :) I feel like God hands me beautiful moments, and I'm obligated to write about them... sometimes I do. :)

  3. It's all what you push through.
    What you let go of.
    What you hold on to.
    It's all just perspective.

    love, love, love what you write, how you do it. don't stop. thank you for linking to imperfect, friend.

  4. Emily - thank you, really, for stopping by. i think i'll be linking up more. i love this link up, so much :)