Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear Blog Reader,

I wish we were all camping right now. I like the idea of an evening fire circle.

Today started with 50 ideas of what to write about, create, finish, adjust, dream, complete. But I'm starting to think in classic Monday form, today will be a little of this, and not much of that.

:: My little M is down on the couch with a high fever (day two) and it's all I can do to not nestle beside her. While I will for a few moments, life goes on and e-mails come in, and the mice are known to like dirty dishes.
:: This week (on this blog) I'm addressing the absent father thing in this home. More accurately, scratching at the surface of it in light of Father's Day at the end of the week. It feels good to write about it, and I hope that it encourages.
:: On Thursday we leave for Rochester. And then Virginia. And then North Carolina, where I will dig my toes into sand and share seven days at the Outer Banks with my most amazing, beautiful, huge family (two brothers + wives, one sister + husband, mom, dad and all the chilluns — 28 of us in all).
:: Today has now turned into leftover blueberry pancakes and shipping off the remains of a client's wedding invitations — packing, stamping, photographing. I miss my friends who really know how to photograph things (like Kristen Rae, who is legit and you should go look at her photos).
:: I don't understand why Barney sings about "yum yum white bread". Stop brainwashing my kid Corporate America. (I realize I can get up and turn it off. But have I mentioned it's Monday? And that it's Monday?)

In short,
it's gray
and I want it to be blue
and sunny
and hot.

I don't want to wear a sweatshirt, but she is ill, and I am working, and sometimes the best thing a girl can do is pull out best of the old things and comfort in them.

I'm going to make this day better with a Yasso bar. (Google it.)



  1. i have never heard of this yasso goodness, but i must have one now. happy monday.

  2. it will change your life... (that *might* be an exaggeration. maybe a little bit. it will change your life for about 7 minutes.)

  3. love you & your thoughts. prayers for Maddie. We love her so!

  4. nan - thank you :) she's still running a high fever. i value your prayers!