Saturday, March 5, 2011

You're Going to Die

We all snicker as she proclaims:

"You're all going to die
And it's all going to burn."

My dear friend Katy said this as we discussed motivational speaking, and determined that I would make an awful motivational speaker, simply because my first slogan choice would be,

"We're all going to die."

The small Italian restaurant at the end of the block filled on Friday night as we gathered to celebrate living, friendship, and quite frankly, just a free Friday night. An intentional night of valuing one another; valuing life.

We talked about road trips, moving, babies, marriage, dreams, spa days, the great outdoors, the haven of home. But really we talked about WHY.

Why live? Why adventure? Why dream? Why create and nurture? Why dare to hope in the face of adversity?

Why am I getting in a car in a week with my two-year-old daughter and driving to New York? And just how is it that I'm ok with not knowing the end of this story?

Because this... this is life.

This is the fragile gift intended forever, but stolen through sin. Restored by grace, but now a pilgrimage to our final home. This general refusal; the choice to live outside of a predictable, boring life... it's what we are called and created to do.

I can't imagine when God handed Adam the authority over all creation, He meant for him to not go and see it.

After we enjoyed some fresh basil and olives on pizza, another one of us says, "I almost didn't come tonight. I could've called and just cancelled, stayed inside, not done anything." This topic spins and swirls as we wonder why some lock away their dreams and doors until death passes, while others take the challenge to keep living.

Even if things fail. Even if they don't work out. Even if.

Perhaps this is some form of sanctified nihilism. God-exalting in the feckless measure of our quick, passing existence.

All that I know is, as long as I have breath in my lungs, there is purpose for my existence here. Until my story ends, I have a story to live, and write, and experience. 

"You're all going to die, and it's all going to burn."

Until then, all of life is an act of surrender, worship, prayer and praise.

p.s. aren't they beautiful? these girls i get to do life with? i think they're beautiful. not just stunning friends, but they're beautifully broken, which is my favorite thing about each of them.


  1. wonderful thoughts, here, friend.

  2. You are AMAZING!!!!--Angela Garcia :)

  3. i love this post. and yes, you and your friends are gorgeous. and young! praying for you as you embark....

  4. ha--that pretty much sums up my slogan as well. i would enthusiastically attend your motivational speech. :)

  5. yes..your friends are beautiful and I too value the broken friends..they are they best. and I laughed when I first read your post ... about dying. I am kinda the same way and true not very motivational but truth yes? how are you...I want to get your post via email and don't know how...ugh

  6. beautiful andrea,

    i would listen to your motivational speakings, and plan to sooner rather than later. i can't tell you how grateful i am to see you coming down the pike of the next month. i feel an anxious excitement for the friend i've been searching for in the this new place. i just caught up on your last week of posts and wish i could come pack up your car and make the trip with you and your babe. i hope it's a wonderful trek and can't wait to hear about it!

  7. i just wrote a long comment here and it disappeared.

    your blog is telling me it's ready for you to be in coffee-date distance.

    i get it, blog. i get it.

  8. friends - all of you - thank you.

    tiffini - i think you can find me on feedburner, and they send the stuff straight to your inbox :)

    abby - coffee-date distance. yes. i like that.