Saturday, March 12, 2011

entre nous, part two.

Ohhiblog. *blush*

It's not you, it's me. I promise.

This morning I literally stumbled over every inanimate object in my friend's house.

Lack of sleep plus not being in my own home means I'm wandering around with my eyes half-shut, tripping over things I didn't know were there. It feels a bit like my heart and mind right now. Half-aware. Tripping over things I didn't realize were there. 

The truth is, I would love to sit here and write and muse on the implications of all these little things I'm finding and discovering.

But as I type, my entire home of belongings is stacked and piled on the other side of this wall behind me, in my friend's garage. I thought I packed well, but now I can't find one random shoe, or that shirt that I really wanted to wear.

I really want to write about my amazing friends who surrounded me last Saturday night and spoke such clear words of wisdom and grace. Friends who picked up my chin and let the Spirit of God send a hushing push through their words and hearts. I want to write about that.

But I'm sitting in a chair that's not my own, wondering if I have time for a 15-minute power nap before M wakes up from her slumber. I have a little less than two hours to wrap up this day before I leave for another night of amazing music. And really, really I want to have another coffee and feel the cool Texas breeze on my shoulders. I want that.

I want to write about the irony that I as I head north for a season, my family is changing. My one brother has relocated his family to another city. My parents are traveling more. My other brother and his family have planted a church. And my sister and her husband are breaking new incredible ground daily with their story, home and children. I want to write about it all.

Really, I want to write about so much. So much. But right now? Right now I'm just a girl who is moving and feels quite overwhelmed.

I want to write about all the beauty, but today I'm staring at things and have wandering dreams, and I'm just wondering what I'll miss, what I'm missing, what's not worth thinking about at all.

I leave for New York on Tuesday. I probably won't be blogging much in the next couple weeks as I make this transition.

But alas, "The mountains are calling, and I must go."


  1. Praying for you as you go through this time of transition. Anticipation awaits and beauty comes from the least expected.

  2. I can empathize. In some way, I know that I can -- I feel it in my spirit. Praying for you, too, sweet girl, as you move. Keep us posted when you can and know that you are always in our hearts! (Guess I'm speaking for all the SDG girls here!)

  3. Critty - thank you!
    Jen - I feel so encouraged and uplifted by the SDG group! I feel blessed to be a part. I will be linking up as soon as I'm back in the north country. Thank you for praying!

  4. I getcha..I do. Take your time...first things first and all else will follow. Please know you really are in my thoughts! We will all be here when your ready. Enjoy your girl:) He is with your every step..let Him wrap His arm around your shoulder and pull you close..