Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Be Covered

Sometimes I forget...

that it's just the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, that saves me. That rescues me. That covers me.

It's not anything I can do.
Anything I read.
Any theological position I embrace.
Any act of social justice.
Any amount of money I can donate.

It's all Jesus. All of it is on him and through Him, by His grace alone.

Sometimes I forget...

that he said, "You can't do anything without me."

me and my cousin, cliffs of moher, ireland in '00

It's not about muscling through.
Trying harder.
Proving my worth.
Making myself valuable.
Reading the latest self-help book.

It's not about making the cross meaningless by my own attempt to be approved by the letter of the law.

It's the unbelievable, send-me-to-my-knees truth that he chose me.
Not based on anything besides his love.

Does that make any sense at all? No.

a painting from last year

I need this to stick to my bones today.
To fill in those empty spaces between my to-do list items.
To balm the wounds. To seep into my words.
To cover our doorways. 
Fill the silence on phone calls. To rescue the broken hearts that no one can fix.
I need this to be the giant boulder that redirects every flow from my heart and mouth today.

((Listening to Brooke Fraser's "Crows and Locusts" as I write this. And thankfully, gratefully praying that we will let it wash over us.))


  1. love this! well said.

  2. Tiffini - glad I'm not alone in that prayer! :)

  3. Your picture amazing (Ireland? I'm so jealous), and your painting beautiful!

    Oh and for the record, you are much to hip to be a "nerdy mom", but thanks for the sweet comment.

  4. I know exactly how easy it is to forget the essence of the gospel..the core of it...that in Christ alone we are saved! Loved this...and thanks for stopping by today!

  5. I love this painting and I am letting your words wash over me. I need the balm, too. And I struggle, and I try, and I figure, but really, I just need Jesus to step in and be big.

  6. Amy - i'm a little nerdy... but i'm good at faking it ;) thanks for stopping by!

    Danielle - I need to force myself to look at the truth of the Gospel, or I really do forget and get caught up in myself. So sad but true.

    Jen - You're one of my favorites. Praying that these truths do the same for your heart as they've done mine today.

  7. Who can wash away my sins?...nothing but the blood of Jesus! This is what I started singing after reading your words. It started as a slow hum...and now it is a full crescendo in my heart!

    Thank you.


  8. Hi Maria, Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I'm so glad to have discovered yours now.

    This post is beautiful. You've reminded me to just be still, and I needed that.


  9. Maria — I love when that happens!

    Courtney — This is actually Andrea :) But I'm glad you stopped by, just the same!! :)

  10. I need it in my bones too. Thank you!

  11. I found your blog through Jen this morning. Not sure how I noticed it (must be a God thing), but this post has done a great deal for me. Thank you!