Friday, October 15, 2010

Things That Make Me Feel Emo Again

Have you ever lay down on the floor, the carpet scratching against your skin, the earth flat as a Texas prairie, rocking precariously through space and time. Have you had this moment?

The one that says, 

I'm done.

I've stopping right here.

The world can continue spinning, people can keep talking, laundry can wait, to-do lists will be there, the music will still need inspiration, the words will still need spark, plans can pause, everyone can continue living life without me.

This planet will spin underneath me for a few moments. Silence will muffle my words/prayers/tears/shouts/whispers. This carpet will cradle me.

I won't acknowledge the dust bunnies, the random shoe, the bags, the floors that need mopping, the muted television, the books to read, the blankets to fold, the runner to straighten, the doors to lock.

Because right now, I am stopping.




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