Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Next Thing

Whoa. I feel better.

Like the light just turned on in my little world and revealed all these friends. Hi to all the readers who stick around, read quietly without commenting, read and do comment, new readers and new friends. You're all dear to me.

Really. Really. Really dear.

On that note, back to the usual. I was tempted to abbreviate that and say the "ush" which sounds something like "yoush" but that just sounds lame and weird. And a little obnoxious. I'll spare you.

So, the usual.

Like, the fact that I live in the middle of the United States right now and in the next two months I will pretty much travel to both sides of this land.

See? Seriously right in the middle. So holidays + weddings + time away + work stuff + family = all that beauty, sea to shining sea. It's like I'm giving the United States a giant hug.

I love you great big mountains and lakes and oceans! I love you little quaint Northeast towns and Pacific Ocean beaches! I love you LA family and friends and Nashville buddies! I love you New York buildings and apple orchards, and coastal highways and beach houses! I love all of you!

**big red-line on a map hug**

And I've done some shopping. For the little one. For the walls. For life.

Uff Da Designs
Nan Lawson

We are simply living life these days. Routine. Schedules. Planning. Holidays on the horizon. Sometimes the simplest things keep me going. As the next six months seem to hover like a heavy morning fog, I look to the next step.

The next thing.

"And all through the hours the quiet words ring, like a low inspiration, 'Do the next thing.'"
 — elizabeth elliot

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  1. sounds so exciting! Enjoy it!!! I LOVE traveling...