Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Tuesday! Isn't That Exciting?

It's this kind of day.

Hermine is sweeping through the neighborhood. Rain. Wind. Which calls for hats. Like this random one I have, and wear. Dad bought all of us FDNY hats for Christmas after September 11, 2001. (I'm a New York girl in case you're thinking "That's odd.")

But it's a hat kind of day. It's also the random day where I drop my keys into puddles and sneeze hard enough to inadvertently bang my knee into my desk. If I had co-workers, they'd probably ask me to go home.

But the rain makes it feel like fall.

And the beginning of fall means fun new things. Like the launching of a legit non-profit (what the heck am I doing? I don't really know).

In a couple weeks, I'll have a guest post here: inCourage.

Thanks to my cool friend Andi Hawkins, I'll have a couple posts here too: Mom's Moments.

To say I'm nervous/excited/thrilled/feeling silly/laughing awkwardly would be an understatement.

I'll post more about these little ventures soon as the posting dates get closer. In the meantime, go find a random hat and scarf, click your heels and wish for fall.


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