Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Good, Normal Saturday

Some Saturdays should be like this one. Not all of them. If they all were like this one, well.. I probably wouldn't blog about their splendid simplicity. Eyes blinked open at 7 a.m. and we hit the ground running. More like stumbling out of dreams into waking, but we were up. By lunchtime, the laundry was tumbling, a trail of toys told of the wandering imagination of a toddler, and we packed up to visit the thrift stores.

So here's what makes a simple day splendid:

Lime juice and salt on chips, and dried blueberries, almonds and bleu cheese on a dark green salad. Those colors make me happy.


Fresh vegetables and frozen peas, garbanzo beans and a hot skillet. A curry simmer sauce made this meal perfect. Just perfect over a light portion of whole-grain angel hair. (I didn't leave myself enough time to make basmati rice).


And the thrift stores.  Let me just say... small treasure hunting at its best today.

Like these curtain panels and the few pieces of clothing for us girls.


This book (and a few others). Country ideals. Easily overlooked but crack open the cover, and look the contents. Just. Look. (I realize the only kindred I might find in this is my sister. And that's perfectly just wonderful with me.)


The pillowcases on the left. I'm not sure if I'll use them or re-purpose them, but I fell in love with their somewhat ugly but irresistible design. Then a red dress. Joy.


A book. Did you know that Genevieve (my middle name) means "white wave"? I know it says "white bird" but it made me think of me, so I bought it. 50 cents. Then the three little items. A bird to hold the light. A mug to hold the drink. And the white cover to hold a pillow.


All in all — $30 spent and one happy little home.

Happy weekend!


  1. :D that sounds like such a splendid day! so glad you enjoyed it my friend.

  2. Wow wow wow! So fun! Love it all!!!