Friday, May 28, 2010

Polar Shift

New seasons of life make me nervous. Mostly because I am acutely aware of how much I do not know about so many things.

Like how to not get overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks. When the whole world flips sideways, things as basic as laundry, making dinner and baking bread suddenly seem monumental... maybe even insurmountable.

Like going to bed. It is tedious work.

Sweeping. A necessary pain.

It's times like these when peanut butter and jelly will have to suffice as protein and fruit. Creativity masquerades as finding activities that keep a 19-month-old content on long afternoons. This might be Target, Sesame Street, or books and milk on the couch.

I think I'm good with change. But I also get strangely giddy when something feels "normal". Like blogging. That feels normal. Baking. Changing diapers. Sewing. Playing piano. Singing. Writing.

I feel the pangs of this sideways world when I hit walls I didn't know had been constructed. Or rather, I knew but ignored.

So yeah. It's a little dizzying.


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