Monday, April 26, 2010

A to P

Reasons why my blogging has slowed down:

A. I don't know what to say.
B. I don't want to say.
C. I'm tired.
D. I get distracted with cookies.
E. I get distracted with a toddler.
F. My brain is going numb from watching too many "Tough Love" episodes.
G. I prefer silence.
H. My creativity has recently been bullied by my logic.
I. My creativity is sulking in the corner eating cookies, watching "Tough Love."
J. The dirty floor distracts me.
K. I get too many e-mails.
L. I'm playing Wordtwist on Facebook.
M. I'm cutting bangs because I need to "change" something.
N. I don't deal well with change.
O. I'm scared.
P. All of the above.

I choose "P".


  1. I chose P too... a time of life that is a wee bit overwhelming...okay I am off to word twist to beat you!!! come on up and I can fill you up with creativity that I learned in my sewing excursions
    love the video btw

  2. hahahah i totally cut my hair because i felt like i can't change anything else.