Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thoughts that Regularly Crossed My Mind Today

1. Will anyone notice I haven't showered if I wear a cute hat?
2. When will I get to shower again?
3. Will I ever again get to use the bathroom without an audience?
4. What will be Madeleine's first memory?
5. Is it normal to be so paranoid of people? Especially that one neighbor family? And their children? .... and their truck?
6. If I dance in the middle of the day, and nobody sees me, am I still as uncoordinated as I think I am?
7. Will Madeleine's first memory be of my jiggling butt dancing around the apartment?
8. Will that also be her first public proclamation at a formal gathering with everyone I know and respect?
9. If I stick my hand in the food disposal to get that spoon out, it will be the one time it malfunctions and I will lose all my fingers.
10. Maddie will watch me bleed to death... from my hand.
11. That will be her first memory.
12. I wonder when I'll get to rest.
13. Or shower.

1 comment:

  1. audience in bathroom? hmmm usually they stop as teens
    early memories of butss jiggling- will all be erased with the bleeding hand death
    Early memories will also be there of singing, happy, car rides with loud music, and all the good stuff
    Showers are overrated- she is young but once..take her in with you and let her play in the water... she gets clean as an after thought...
    keep the plug in the left side of sink, so spoons don't travel
    Hug,kiss, play, nuzzle, while you have a chance- really these days of stress are nothing in the long run. and don't be afraid to say play, read or what ever..mama needs to ....... as long as she is safe...its ok
    love you\