Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glad It's You Too


I like seeing this every morning when I get my coffee creamer.

Every day around noon when I pull out string cheese and jelly.

When I answer a call and check our monthly calendar.

In the evening, when I'm looking for ingredients for dinner.

At night when I'm getting water and preparing to give this body rest.

I like seeing this. It helps.

This is why it helps.


  1. Yesterday a boy from church was killed in a fire. He was 14, spending the night camping out with a friend of his. When I heard yesterday all I could think when I thought about his family was "I know how you feel." But it's hard to actually say those words, as true as they are for me to say, I wish there was an inconspicuous note on a fridge somewhere--a light whisper "I know how you feel." Because it doesn't make everything better, it doesn't undo the damage, it doesn't bring things back or make time reverse, but it does help. It does help.

  2. Lore - I'm so sorry to hear that news. And you're right ... it doesn't fix, but it does help. I love you dearly.