Monday, March 22, 2010

"Some people seem to go through life standing at the complaint counter." Fred Propp Jr.

Oh Monday. 
You are shining brightly, despite a weekend of frigid temperatures and a snowy welcome to Spring.

you have arrived as though all is good in the world, waking us up with sparrows perched on back fences. You peek through closed blinds and hearts as if to say, "Wake up! You have another chance!"

Today's sky is blue and music fills this house, reminding me that Monday doesn't have to be so miserable, so disdained, so hated.

I have a mental list of things that are not going as hoped, as planned, or as wanted. I have a paper list of things that are otherwise, good.

127. Whole Wheat Banana Muffins with Dark Chocolate Chips. Delightful and quickly devoured here.

128. A new season of understanding what Mommy means when she says, "Smile!"

129. A new, little house guest resident.

130. A basket for fruit and other such things = more counter space!

131. Engaged friends! I love wedding season for people I know and love. It makes it so much more enjoyable.

132. New little nephews who I am forced to admire from afar (NY to Texas is FAR!)

133. Movies that arrive just after their release date. I am so excited to find some quiet time tonight to enjoy this as a nerdy fan.

134. Sliced almonds and bananas in milk.

135. Places of Hope.

136. Clean water. (Help provide clean water to people who need it today.)

137. Pretty eyes.

Not all is perfect or calm, but there is always reason to be grateful.


  1. i love you.

    your blog posts are great reminders of where my mind needs to the positive and not sulking in misery.

    my new mantra: "not all is perfect or calm, but there is always reason to be grateful." -quote by you!

    keep moving forward my dear friend! God is going to use you mightily!

  2. helps to look at all things in a positive light, and your writings on Monday help! We all need to be reminded that there ARE many things in any given day that are positive!! Love you