Friday, March 19, 2010

She Must Drink More Coffee Than Me

She's kinda like a wind-up toy. Except she never runs out of wind-up energy. I swear she wakes up every day to a whole new world, having forgotten everything the day before, she experiences everything with excitement, wonder and loud squeals over, and over, and over again.

1. Little does she know that this and this will be waiting for her Easter morning. I look forward to loud squeals and five minutes of enjoying the keytar before she forgets it's new and tosses it aside.

2. Sometimes I wonder if I'm imagining words. Like this morning when I was unbuckling her from the food-crusted booster seat and I said, "I'm going to leave you out here while I go work for a few minutes. Is that ok?" And I swear she said, "I suppose." Though I really, highly doubt that she actually said that. She could have said, "I propose," or "Eyes are closed," or "I si-bos."

3. I'm trying "Quiet Crib Hour," to see if we can quiet down before lunch-time. So far it's going great. I tell ya, it's been the quietest four minutes...

4. She doesn't understand that when Mommy goes to the potty, she doesn't want a toddler standing at her knees asking "Up?" Gonna have to work on this one.

We're now six minutes into QCH and I hear nothing but the sound of music and pages flipping. Maybe I'll get ten minutes out of this "hour". 

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  1. That's how I started with Julia - 10 minutes and she tolerated more and more "quiet time" each day. I make sure her music is on repeat just in case she needs it. As soon as her music runs out I hear "Moooommmmy!" She's beend doing 45 min. to an hour QT for the past year. But Thom says she's been skipping it recently. Times, they are a changin'.