Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Madness

I am coming off this weekend feeling slightly out of breath and out of focus.

Like literally out of focus. I am way overdue for new contacts.

That being said, I kept a list for this Monday.

110. Jalapeno Sausage Rolls from the local "Donut" shop. Seriously, I can't find anything like it anywhere else.

111. A light dusting of snow. (Funny, I was thankful for this a week ago. Now I might cry if it snowed)

112. A good radio station in DFW that actually plays good music. Thank you KXT.

113. Early mornings with my DH, sipping on coffee, planning the day, waiting for the first cry from the other, pink and flowery room.

114. New life-giving disciplines. Schedules that keep me motivated. Business plans. Flow charts. To-do lists. All good, hard things.

115. French vanilla creamer. I'm 100% I've added this one before... but it's a new bottle, so I'm adding it as a new item.

116. Ripe, organic pears... and watching a 16 month old devour one in less than five minutes.

117. Amazing women who inspire me to grow, be comfortable with myself, pray, seek truth, be confident, and live a life of beauty.

118. Jeans that pull on easy. No squishing, jumping or sucking in required.

What are you thankful for?

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1 comment:

  1. 1. I LOVE new disciplines that keep me on track!
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE french vanilla absolute FAV!
    3. I want your secret on getting jeans that pull on easy :)

    Can't wait for sushi Tuesday!!!!