Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Take Today and Run

I am coming off this weekend feeling very energized and exhausted. Imagine that combo! It seems just as I set my hands down from one thing, there is something (or someone) else waiting for me. I am grateful for the good busy. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me smiling and it keeps me praying and begging for a good sense of balance.

But this whole gratitude thing has been one of the best "balance testers" for me. It's hard to stay frazzled long when every day I have to assess the things I'm grateful for. They really are everywhere. Sometimes small. Sometimes huge. But they're everywhere.

My list for today is short, but full.

94. Rain. Waking up to it especially.
95. Seeing amazing artists, dancers, musicians at the Walk the Light festival. There are so many forms of art in this world. Being around it inspires me even more.
96. Her. This week I am super grateful for my sister who sets an amazing example of motherhood, womanhood, and friend. She is about to welcome her eighth little wonder into this world. If you have a moment, consider stopping by her blog and saying hello and wishing her the best as she prepares to head into the last bit of the homestretch.

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