Monday, February 1, 2010

February Smiles on Us

holy experience

81. My grandmother's faux fur coat. I may look silly, but at least I'm warm.
82. Dinner laughter with parents who don't mind little girl's french fries dipping into their plates.
83. Husband who endlessly cheers on my dreams and hopes.
84. Watching my husband fall in love with music again. It is food for his soul.
85. Hearing the formation of words like "purple" and "apple" come from my 15-mo-old's mouth.
86. Sprouted bread with butter.
87. The anticipation of our fresh produce shipment tomorrow.
88. The early grassroots growth of The Pillowcase Project.
89. The return of Lost.
90. New "sisters" to have lunch with, cry with, laugh with, dream with.
91. My amazing parents who left on Sunday. They are two people who love me with so much faithfulness and who continually show grace to me. They taught me so much and now are guiding lights as we navigate our own season of parenting.
92. The little girl with two big front teeth who looks at my husband and says, "Hi Daddy." These two words are miracle-working in a man's heart.
93. Hope. Always hope. For those who don't have it. For those who need it. For everything I don't know that I need.

I hope you can take a minute or two out of your hectic Monday to stop and look at what surrounds you. It is up to you to find the beauty, to find joy. As someone said to me recently, "Don't let life happen to you."


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