Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

My mom and I were on the lookout for a new dresser for Madeleine. I like buying things that need a little TLC. Of course, I bet my husband secretly wishes I'd complete my "tlc" projects, but I'm getting there.

Maddie's new dresser was one of hundreds in a resale shop, priced at $39. My mom was generous enough to make the purchase, as she had been wanting to help us out with this additional piece. Feeling inspired, I searched around eBay for different drawer knobs. I found a random collection of 14 ceramic knobs selling for $12.

After one trip to Lowe's for the right size screws and one evening of switching the knobs out, we have a little bit updated dresser. Next stop? Lining the drawers, but that's more than just an evening project. :)

And my next, next goal is to figure out a way to take better photos of this stuff. The iPhone can only do so much!

Other places to find fun, different knobs for furniture updates:

Etsy — HobKnobin
Etsy — MonkeyShines
Etsy — GemKnobs

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