Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Things for Monday.

Usually, I do my gratitude list on Mondays, but I left my journal at home. I'll continue to add to it and give a full, HUGE list next week. Instead today, I'm picking 4 random things that are inspiring/motivating me on this January day.

Mondays give me a fresh shot at a week. Just as Sunday closed the book of the last week, I like to think Monday is like a whole new mini-new year. Call me optimistic. It's the only way I can survive the other wise drudgery.

So this is my Monday.


I needed some perspective.


These are all stacked at my bedside. The new joke in my home is my old lady routine at night. Truth is — it's very old lady. And it's very routine. Glass of water. Hair pulled back. One crossword puzzle. A chapter of a book. A couple laughs at Conan (wherever he ends up) and then I'm off to dreamland. Is it sad? Eh... maybe.


No truer words. Thanks to my Aunt who sells Advocare, I've found something to replace my diet coke and afternoon coffee. I'm panicked that there is only two left. Must. Reorder.

4. My church is getting "elbow deep" in the relief efforts in Haiti. If you live in North Texas and are looking for another way to help out, please go here...


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