Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Sunday

A few random things for this Sunday afternoon:

1. I miss Africa. I miss the sound of a breakfast bell ringing over farm fields and monkey jungles. The children. Their contagious love. Love for dancing. For friends. For me. I consciously soaked it in as much as I could. I can remember staring out a window in the van that taxied us around, and telling myself, "Look. Remember. Absorb. Do not forget what you're seeing." Such beauty to stand at the Nile's banks and feel the cool mist rising against a hillside. I miss Africa. I wish I could show you their beauty. That these children are poor, yes, but they're not crying in muddy puddles with flies swarming their eyes. They are laughing. Singing. Dancing. Fighting. Teasing. Growing. Learning. Dreaming. Hoping. They are children. And boy, do I miss them.

2. Madeleine, my 15-month-old, can melt my heart simply by saying "Hi". Has that ever happened to you?

3. We will soon be receiving all of our fresh produce from a local co-op, and I couldn't be more THRILLED. This is step one in our food overhaul.

4. Step two is eliminating all products that use High Fructose Corn Syrup and any Hydrogenated Oils. This will be a slow weaning as these seem to be almost everywhere!!

5. Last night, I sat around a table with four of the most beautiful, funny, sincere women I know. I crave authenticity, and this crew just bleeds it. They are honest, broken, weary, dreaming, hopeful, skeptical, cynical, joyful women. We laughed, drank wine, kicked up our feet, snapped photos, stuffed ourselves with top-notch Italian food and dessert, and for three hours that was the only place in the world I wanted to be. Everyone needs nights like that.

6. This sums up my thoughts lately, in case you were wondering. Click on it to see a larger version.


  1. i like this. i like knowing that i am one of your friends. i love seeing what God continues to do! so excited for you!!!

  2. #1 - I miss Africa too. I hope Bryan (who's been there, to several countries) and I can go back one day.
    #2 - For now, it's my nephew and 3 nieces that make my heart melt, even though it's through blog videos and skype.
    #3 - that is too cool!
    #4 - I'm still having a bit trouble avoiding the hfcs but overall, we don't use it too much. Bryan's strict on the hydrogenated oils so we're careful with that, but again - it's almost everywhere so it can be hard!
    #5 - true friends like that are a blessing.
    #6 - I'd love to get together for coffee and chat with you more about you and life and God things!