Thursday, July 16, 2009

not-so-guilty pleasures

  • sugar-free, non-fat pudding mixed with whipping cream. who needs cake and carbs?
  • twilight & the bachelorette from the comfort of my own bed.
  • chick lit to devour and scentsy filling my apartment.
  • blasting (yes blasting) julie andrews, judy garland, and all the others like them at 7 a.m. to start the day. i really, really, really love musicals.
  • deciding that it's ok to go pick up madeleine from her crib at 11 p.m. and bring her into bed with me. it was so sweet to wake up with her snuggled next to me. and to know that should i decide to, tonight she'll go back to her crib. but her surprise and smile to see me at 6:30 a.m. was priceless.
  • allowing more room in my budget for food that i feel more comfortable eating. i'd rather spend a little more to ensure quality and purity. if farming wasn't so much work, i might've considered it. but i think i lack the self-discipline.
  • ice cubes raspberry sorbet gum.
  • conversations with friends across the world. sometimes technology really baffles me.


  1. its a priceless endearing thing to wake up to your child next to you in the morning! don't ever feel guilty about it!
    you used to love to sleep with us...and now you hate it...go figure!

  2. thanks for your inspiration- authenticity at it's best!