Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to Tejas

cups of coffee at dawn and dusk.
hamburgers, hot dogs, steak and veggies fresh-grilled, fresh-spiced, quickly devoured.
Glimmerglass Lake and wind that whips up hair and smiles.
busy Cooperstown streets filled with baseball fans and baby strollers.
quiet country stores with overpriced candles and delectable salads.
catskill mountain horizons calling to be climbed and explored.
cold summer nights. shivering Texas babies.
apple bread and strawberries. kids outnumbering adults.
coyote calls at midnight.
chickens pecking at binkies on the ground.
memories of country-living.
rushing creeks from July rainfall.
sisters. brothers. nieces. nephews. mom. dad. friends. pastors.
time. that has passed. is passing. will pass.

Goodbye New York. Don't change everything so I can come home again.


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