Tuesday, June 30, 2009

moving in new directions

making changes to a more eco-friendly, sustainable and simple life isn't as easy as one would hope.

i tend to react to new inspirations instead of responding with wisdom. trust me, i'm learning the difference.

so, some things i'm looking at. if you have any reviews or thoughts, feel free to share:

Water Filtering System

composting for apartment dwellers

at night, i make lists of the oils i want to get to make air fresheners, the thrift stores i can forage to find reusable fabrics for little girl dresses, the meals i hope to cook, breads to bake, gardens to grow, herbs to dry, communities to grow.

but i guess it all starts with one step.

i just haven't figured out that first step.


  1. I've heard the indoor composters are great! Sprouts has a cute ceramic one!! :)

  2. Hmmm... composting... I don´t think I´m there yet... let me know when you try your hand at it!

  3. let me know when you figure out the first step! i'm right there with ya.