Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebrating By Counting to 30

I turn 30 at the end of this month. Which I know to some of you is not a huge deal at all. But for me, it's been sobering, and thought-provoking, and an all around good/hard/beautiful/surprisingly difficult thing to walk into.

My daughter brought a "fake cake" to me while I was working the other day.

"Blow out the candles mom!" she said gleefully. "There's 50 of them. Because you're almost 50, right?"

Uhh, no, I strongly corrected her. "30, dear. Almost 30." (She rolled her eyes, as if the numbers meant nothing to her.)

But I've wanted to do something fun for this month. Something to mark the changes in my life, in my heart, on this blog, for the business. 

So I've decided to put some major pressure on my writing muse and write 30 posts for this months. And not just 30 posts, 

but 30 lists.

For me. For you. For anyone who thinks it's fun to categorize their life and take an inventory.

Lists like...
... Books that have changed my worldview.
... Songs that have made a soundtrack the past three decades.
... Things I wish someone told me before 30.
... Every day habits that I'm grateful for.
... Decorating tips from a thrifter.
... People who have impacted my life.

And obviously...many more.

So stick around, or don't. But I'm excited. 


  1. Ooo! I'm excited about this girl, may have to follow suit (just not for january since I'm officially launching my business on Feb 1st)!

    Will be back to read + comment!

    1. Yes! Do it! :) Let me know if you do this too. I love lists :)

  2. I love your lists! Can't wait for the book list in particular!