Friday, September 28, 2012

Sneaky September

Tonight while she splashed in the bathtub, I slipped two dollar bills into her piggy bank. Actually, it's a "ladybug bank" but that doesn't have the same kind of ring to it.

Either way, the tiny ceramic bug is filling with coins as she saves for a "rocking horse". At least, I think that's what it is this week. It's bound to change next week. It doesn't matter to me, so long as she's learning that the saving and hoping is a good, important thing to learn.

So I stuffed two dollars in there for no reason. It wasn't for good behavior. It wasn't for chores done, or good attitudes, or any sort of applause. It's not even that much money. It's not going to take care of everything. But it's something. In fact, I didn't tell her. I want her to find them when the bug finally gets too heavy to shake and the bottom seal feels ready to burst with nickles and dimes.

I say all this because I didn't start September with big goals or plans. I began the month tucking away thoughts worth their weight in measly copper pennies, and prayers that seemed to hold no greater value than a dirt-stained nickle. I didn't pay much attention to anything that seemed bright or shiny and just hoped that the month would happen on its own, without my enthusiastic participation, and maybe I'd look back and give things for all the small things.

1. refreshed office space. 2. new friends and nightly walks. 3. after school snuggles. 4. coffeeshop office hours
And today as I gathered photos for this post, I realized, somewhere in this month, my Father gave me some things I didn't expect. Things I didn't work hard for, gain his approval for, or even fight in tears through prayer over. He simply gave some things to us; slipped them into the space I wasn't even looking at.

5. thrifted office lamp. 6.home group in my living room. 7. happy first day of school. (and this school? this is one of those things.) 8. onset of autumn.

God is a parent, you see? He doesn't get these ideas from us; we are reflections of who He is. So should I be all that surprised that sometimes he just gives us things to see us enjoy them on discovery?

9. hot tea with my mom. 10. new glasses. 11. happy weddings. 12. big girl smiles 13. redesigned website
September is over. Anyone else feel like September was akin to a wily mouse that was set loose in the kitchen? I feel like I've spent the month jumping from chair to chair, trying to catch something that doesn't want to be caught. So, go free September. Go free. I'm counting the small things that were unexpected joys. Giving thanks.

14. evening candles. 15. brave girl. 16. full church.
month. over.


  1. Hey Andrea, I didn't know where you were going with this when I first started reading. Would it be a post about a little girl's sweet surprise? Oh no, you had so much more in mind. A little sneaky if you ask me. lol
    My heart is full for your daughter and that wonderful $2 she didn't earn or deserve and for us, for me, the reminder that I haven't done anything to earn or merit all the wonderful things He gives me. Awesome post my friend.
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Thank you Diana! I'm sorry I missed this comment and I'm now reply a MONTH later. But it means just as much to me now!! Thank you!

  2. andrea...this is the first time i have found your words and they feel like they are mine too...that your heart matches my heart and i find that heart breaking and softening in a good way. what you said about god is a parent reminded me of writing about when god says no. there is still so much love in it. anyway all that to say god used your words to move me towards him. thank you!

    1. I just popped over to your blog and thought "I could get along with this girl". So lovely. Thank you for reading, encouraging me with this comment and stopping by. :)